13 October 2007

Typical Tourist photos of Sydney.

Typical of the millions of photos taken around Sydney.

Darling Harbour, named after a former Governor, houses the Maritime Museum.

The lighthouse was moved here as a tourist attraction.

The Centrepoint Tower (centre of photo) from Darling Harbour.

Darling Harbour, taken from Centrepoint Tower.

From a lofty perch 250 meters high things take on a different view.

Looking north west over the harbour and towards the blue mountains.

The main stadium for the 2000 Olympic Games with the Sydney Cricket Ground
behind and to the right.
Please note the fleet of flying saucers included specially for you in this and the
previous photo (click to enbiggen).
I stand corrected on the stadium shown here and plead outside assistance,
(perhaps from the aliens from the flying saucers) you see I asked an attendant
(who happened to be Asian) where the Sydney Crickey Ground was, she pointed it
out along with the mis-information that it was just behind the main Olympic
We had already driven around the Homebush area and seen the stadium
(which does in fact look a bit similar) and as I had absolutely no idea where I
was facing while in the tower I did the only thing that seemed plausible at
the time..... I believed her.... 1000 apologies for that (and any other

Looking down on the Queen Victoria Arcade.

City skyline from above.

The main arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the centre (Opera House is just to the right.

The very relaxing Chinese Friendship Gardens at Darling Harbour.

AHH - Wazza in a pagoda.

Just soaking up the beauty and tranquility.

The paths lead you to something new and beautiful all the time.

Another pagoda framed with weeping Willow.
Lots more to come please come back again.


kenju said...

Love the pics, Peter!

Jeanette said...

Hi Peter, love the photo's of your trip,the Chinese gardens so pretty and tranquil..

Marcus said...

Sorry to have to correct you but that picture is not the Olympic Stadium, it's the Sydney Football Stadium. The Olympic stadium, Stadium Australia, is at Homebush which is pretty musch behind you as you look at this one. The two stadiums do look a little bit similar but the Olympic stadium is surrounded by a number of other venues used for the Olympics and is about 15km out of the city.

Bad Grammar Man's alter Ego
Wrong Info Man!!

Marcus said...

That should be "much" by the way in case you're tempted to point it out to me!
And on reflection, I probably should have said the "two stadia"!


Willowtree said...

Excellent. Yep, that's the SFS alright.

Jamie Dawn said...

Great pics!
The gardens are gorgeous.
How relaxing and beautiful.

Sydney is a wonderful city! I hope to visit someday.

You even have ALIENS with spaceships there??!!!