15 October 2007

More holiday snaps of Sydney.

Sydney is a large city built around a beautiful bay and is dominated by
The Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Opera House, & Centrepoint Tower,
as well as the vibrant city itself.

The mono-rail provides a quick and easy way to get around the CBD

Approaching Circular Quay.

El Alamein Fountain at Kings Cross

This is one of the many "cut back for racing" double decker buses that roam the
streets of Sydney filled with camera wielding tourists all intent on getting that
"once in a lifetime" shot.

Wazza shown here in the foreground of the Sydney Opera House.

The opera house as we approached it from Circular Quay.

It is one of those buildings you just never seem to have enough photos of.
(I must have at least another 20 !!!)

The Sydney CBD from a ferry to Manly. ("aboard a manly fairy")

Fort Denison located in Sydney Harbour near Circular Quay has served
many purposes, including suppling the sandstone used to construct
Circular Quay, the link below tells some of the history of this island.

Manly is located on a spit of land separating Sydney Harbour and the
Pacific Ocean, these beach goers are at the surf side of the spit.

Like much of Sydney, (in fact much of Australia) the folk at Manly take
full advantage of the climate and holiday atmosphere with outdoor dining
and shopping malls very popular.

Like the Opera House, who could ever take enough photos of this lovely
graceful old beauty. (I was talking about the bridge!!!!!!)

From the Southern approach

Opera House from the bridge.


LZ Blogger said...

Ah Peter... this brings back SO MANY memories for me! Thanks for sharing them all! Do you remember these? http://bulletbow.blogspot.com/ ~ Jerry

Big Dave T said...

I need to get a better camera. My pictures of our little jaunt to Savannah came out terrible. That Sydney opera house is something. Hopefully it hosts events other than opera. I doubt they could fill the joint for the Barber of Seville.

kenju said...

I love seeing your pics, especially after seeing the ones my daughter took when she was there earlier this year! The last one is great!