12 October 2007

The Sydney trip... Gettin' there.

These photos are of places of interest on our trip down to Sydney.

We got all excited about approaching Mt. Warning which is the Eastern most
elevated point of Australia is the first place to see the sunrise, our
excitement was short lived when we realized it was in fact Mt. Barney.

During the course of this trip I encountered quite a few of my favourite people
Marilyn Monroe was the first..... Hi Marilyn!!!!!!!

Marilyn was located at an establishment called "Freddo's Famous Pies" as both
Wazza and myself lay claim to being pie connoisseurs we had t o sample their
wares, we were happy enough to go along with the "famous" although we had
never heard of them but felt they missed the "top 10" by a couple of places.
You will notice if you click to "enbiggen" the photo, they do offer a range of
somewhat unusual fillings though.

We spent our first night at Coffs Harbour which is a popular seaside holiday
destination, as you might guess by the "Big Banana" there are lots of bananas
grown in this area.

Port Macquarie is another very popular seaside city, we keep trying to improve
on nature (sometimes successfully, sometimes not) the groyne's built out into
the ocean here seem to work fine. (us 1 - Nature 1001)

Another one of my very favourite people, the late and great Slim Dusty,
Slim was at the top of our country music charts for 6 decades and
released 106 albums all with the same record label in that time....
Hi Slim!!!!!

This is about the area where I started to rave about how good the countryside
looked for any of you who traveled along with us at holtieshouse.
So much of Australia used to look like this in spring time, but for the past decade
of drought this has become a rarity.
The purple flower in the foreground is the very noxious weed "Patterson's Curse"
which is known as "Salvation Jane" in SA where a different climate keeps the
rampant growth under control and the plant becomes a good sheep fodder.

We are on the Sydney/Newcastle expressway so the Sydney adventure will start
with the next posting.
Perhaps as early as tomorrow?


kenju said...

It took a looooong time to get the comments open, Peter, but I love seeing your pics!

Walker said...

Nice pix. Those purple flowers look familiar, I think they are the same plague we have here.

What you didn't make off with Marilyn?