16 October 2007

Still more photos of Sydney.

If you are lucky you will get to visit Sydney sometime.

If you are Really lucky you will see this amazing sight as your plane comes in
to land.

If on the other hand your visit is on an overseas liner you will get off the ship
here, only metres from one of the world's most exciting Cities.

Sydney is built around one of the world's most beautiful harbours, it follows
that the homes of city's "well off" will be based around this harbour.

It also follows that there will be a huge flotilla of very expensive boats
based here for the wealthy to play on.

There will be a need for these peoples children to be suitably educated
and private schools such as this are admirably suitable to do that.

For those of us who fit the more regular mould this vehicle offers an
economical and fun way to see the ciy sights, You can hop on and off
as often as you like to have a look at the sights and there is a pretty
good commentary as you travel.

I can't recall what some of these buildings were but they make interesting
photos, so who cares.

Same comment as above but look at those sculptured figures!!!!

The imposing State Library building

The ANZAC memorial shrine located in Hyde Park, there is a remembrance
service here every morning at 11 am

I think this was St. Andrews?, a magnificent building anyway.

The Sydney Casino located at Darling Harbour.

A suitable introduction to "The Rocks" area, in the shadows of the Harbour
Bridge which was built overlooking this historic precinct.

Some of the typical terraced houses of the area have survived to
become exclusive office suites or doctors surgery's.

My favourite toilet in all of Sydney.... urinals only... sorry girls.

Even the warehouses were built on the "terrace" basis.

A beautiful mural of an early Quay area (which is only a few metres away from
here anyway).

This photo must contain every geometric shape known to man, and a lovely
mural of the opera house too.

More of the lovely old terrace houses.

When I was only a boy growing up in Melbourne these huge cast-iron
mailboxes were everywhere, now very much a rarity.

The very gracious Queen Victoria Arcade, claimed by many to rank among
the finest shopping arcades in the world.

The leadlight windows shown on the previous photo, this time from within.

There is a simply beautiful hanging clock here, it is enormous and has scenes
depicting Australia's early history around the four sides as well as an
hourly chime activated by a little man pulling on a rope

The arcade is built on three levels and is home to some very exclusive little
shops and galleries, many opening by appointment only.
My only regret about this magnificent building is that I didn't take any
photos specifically of the floor tiling, this is a work of art in its own right,
please enbiggen this photo to get some ides of the detail contained.

Atop the whole length (which is considerable) of the building runs
this beautiful glassed domed roof, complete with the central dome shown below.

Short of lying on my back and getting trampled by the hordes (which I know
you didn't want to happen) this was as good as I was able to get of the dome.

Something not to be missed when you visit Sydney..........
The Queen Victoria Shopping Arcade. opposite the Town Hall and easily
visited by getting of the underground rail at "Town Hall" station.


Junebug said...

When you enbiggen (ha ha) your photos, they are spectacular. I saw that embiggen comment over at Pamela's. Made me laugh!

Walker said...

The craftmanship in the buildings is a reminder hwo mcuh charactor old buildongs have.
We have a corner building like in your picture.
It's amazing ghiow they used to make the building conform to its surroundings, not like now where they change the surroundings to conform to the building.

linda may said...

Just a liitle note. Saint Mary's, the Catholic Cathedral is in one of the pics,beautiful building. Did you have a look at the inside especially the stained glass windows?