20 October 2007

The road home.

We have had our week in Sydney and now we will take another week to get
back to Brisbane.

First stop out of Sydney was the "Blue Mountains" with Katoomba high on our list
of places to see, this is Evans lookout, there is a rare "Blue Gum forest in the
valley shown here.

With the aid of a zoom lens you can see the sandstone cliff face here.

The "Three Sisters" at Echo Point Katoomba would be among the most
photographed natural objects in Australia.

This is the view in front of you when you visit Echo Point, its a pity it was a
hazy day, the mountains really do look blue on a good day and the sky is such
a bright blue it would seem to be photo shopped.

Imagine the force needed to split this gigantic rock, (about the size of a
three story building) probably struck by lightning we guessed.

The three photos above are just a sample of how wonderful the countryside
looks around this area at present.

The sign say's it all, I don't think I need add anything.

Wazza and my old mate A B (Banjo) Paterson, this was at the site of Banjo's
birth at an old mill just outside the rural City of Orange in NSW.

In the park adjoining the information centre there is another monument
to Banjo

There are very good botanical gardens at Orange, shown here is apple blossom.

A sample of the many acacia (wattle) trees that are on display at the gardens.

Set among rolling green lawns its a lovely shady cool and pretty site.

Orange has a cold winter climate so there are quite a lot of deciduous
trees and a little "Fall" colour.

In the main though it features our ever present Gums and wattles.

We liked the signs at either end of the town of Murrurundi

Werris Creek is a small railway town, there are five of these figures
which are made of thousands of 6 to 10 inch long lengths of 5/8 inch
round stainless steel, like this one, operating the "gates" they all have a
railways theme. (they stand about 10 to 12 feet tall)


Jeanette said...

Hi Peter, Just popped in to see your great homeward bound travel Pics.

Junebug said...

Seriously, when you enbiggen your mountain and valley photos, you feel like your almost there. It makes you feel small in comparison. I like them. Thanks.

Walker said...

More great pictures, I love the huge outcroppings of stone the most.
They are monuments on the landscape.

I don;t know what split that rock but it had to be bigger than Thor's hammer.

Pamela said...

we live close to The Blue Mountains... and several hours south is The Three Sisters. Strange how things get named the same.

The rocks look like THE ROCK EATER from the movie "Never Ending Story"

linda may said...

I used to pass these rocks when I was a child travelling to my Dad's home town at Merriwa, aren't they great. They were not fenced in then and you could climb around them.

linda may said...

G'Day again Peter, Yes I regularly read Merle's Blog and enjoy her jokes and stories. I have had a few looks at yours over the last few months or so too.