09 April 2007

The Holt Family

Believe it or not these four beautiful people are my children.

From the left; Vicki, my favourite daughter, Alan, Bruce, Marcus,
my favourite sons.

You are observing history here folks, the very first known photo
of the six of us together, and not a weapon in sight!!

Just to prove it wasn't an accident here's another one, mind you
I did have to weed out about a dozen with rabbit ears and other
rude gestures in them.

A proud mother with her children.

An equally proud father with the same children.

Almost as historic, these are the first photos of all four kids
together for about twenty years (did I mention Australia is a
big country?)

Also for variety a change of location.

Bruce brought the house down with his version of the end of so
many cartoons... "That's all Folks"

Please go to the link to see it live;



Jamie Dawn said...

Not only was the setting gorgeous, but your kids, ex wife, and you were all spiffed up and looking gorgeous too!
It is wonderful that you were all together.
Go, Bruce, go!
Thhhhat's all folks!

Jim said...

Those are nice pictures, Peter. How in the world did you get to have all those handsome or pretty family members?
The weddings were both very nice.
Warren had trip pictures too with a nice commentary. You didn't overlap at all.
Just really fine, Peter.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Nice looking family, Peter. Glad there was no blood shed in the photo shoots...so to speak.

Sonia said...

What a beautiful family, Peter! Great pictures!

ariel said...

hi, Peter! your captions make it so much fun to look at your family pictures as if one was really there. greetings to all the kind people in the pictures!