09 April 2007

Jenna's Wedding.

This was the venue for Jenna and Craig's wedding at Caversham
House on March 10th in WA.

On the banks of the beautiful Swan River, an idyllic setting.

A magnificent waterfall has been created to add to the charm.

Craig and Jenna chose to have a garden wedding and the day could not
have been better

With parents of the bride and groom.

With Aimee, who was a lovely bridesmaid, Lyn, Craig, Jenna and Alan.

Alan was in his own version of heaven with his family all gathered
around for the great day

Jenna has never looked lovelier and Craig looked good too in
his black shirt and white suit.

Peter, Vicki and Alan... hey we looked good too.

This photo was at my request as I had the same sort of
grouping at my wedding to Jacqui.

Cutting the cake and stealing another kiss.

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