11 April 2007

Friends who live on my blog roll.

These are the "Beautiful People, (and others) that
reside on my blog roll.


Zinnia said...

Wow! What a lovely idea! And I see my flower on there. Thank you, hon!!!

Sonia said...

Wow! You made a great panel! Love it! Believe me, I try to did it some times ago, by I failed because I could not put all photos together, but I will try to do it again! Thanks for remember me!

Sonia said...

Hi Peter. Thanks for your visit and compliments about my husband's pictures. I have Picassa but I don't know how to work with it yet, but I will try soon. Have a good week!

Jim said...

Looking good here, Peter!
I like your family slide show too!

Peter said...

testing gmail on peterspictures.