10 July 2006

West Australia.

West Australia, Large and Beautiful.

This amazing rock formation is at Hidden Valley, just out from
Kunanura in the far north of WA

The Gibb River Road is a gravel road running between
Whyndham and Derby, a popular 4WD destination in the "dry"
season, impassable in the "wet" season.
Beautiful arid country, great barramundi fishing.

Cable Beach Club Resort, just outside Broome in the far north
west of WA.
Opened in 1988 this was the long term dream of an Englishman,
Lord McAlpine, a man with vision and money, a wonderful
combination, not enjoyed by many of us.

The Resort has been designed to offer the ultimate in luxury and
comfort while at the same time providing a setting for some of
Lord McAlpines vast furniture and art collection.

Oh to have been blessed in this manner.

We are now in the very south west corner of WA at Cape Leauwin
where the Indian and Southern oceans combine, the magnificent
old lighthouse is open daily for inspection tours.


Zinnia said...

Holy spotted milk cows on a popcicle stick! What gorgeous pics! I've always wanted to visit Australia and these convince me of it even more!

Ava said...

Great rock formations! And the picture of the river is just spectacular! thanks for sharing the pictures.

Meow said...

Hi Peter, WA is another place I'd love to get to. Heard some wicked stories about the Gibb River Road ... is it as bad as some people say ??
I am unable to make a comment on your Holtieshouse blog, for some reason the Comments line is not coming up, it is stopping at the bottom of your jokes (I presume it is the bottom), but not letting me go further ... your side bar isn't even there. Maybe it's just my computer, who knows. I will wait till the next post perhaps. Just wanted to let you know I haven't deseerted you. Had a look at Warren's blog, thanks for the link.
Take care, Meow

Jim said...

Hi Peter. I came from Cliff's. He was responsible for me getting started.
Your pictures are so pretty. Thanks, I'll return.
A couple of months ago we put Australia on our travel list. Haven't reprioritized it yet, it gets two place votes as we haven't been south of the Equator yet either.

Jon Cox said...

WOW!!! Amazing photos!!!! I love the one of the rock! WONDERFUL POST!!!! :o)