19 July 2006

Vic. NSW High Country

These photos are all taken in the high country around the
Victoria, New South Wales border.

The snow gums indicate the snow line in winter, our minimum
temperatures don't get very far below freezing so we have no
permenant snow fields.

During winter, while it is hard for us to imagine, these ranges
would be all snow covered, it has been estimated that Australia
has more snow in winter than Switzerland as these mountains
go on seemingly forever.

This shows, from a great distance, via zoom, the chair lift to
the top of Mt Buller which is the premier ski resort in Victoria

A typical track, come fire trail, that can be found throughout
this area, bushfires are a constant threat during summer.
This is because our native gum trees are full of eucaliptus oil
and explode into flames in the tree tops with a hot fire.

The roads to the resorts are all bitumen, and access is usually
available with snow chains fitted for the final few miles.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~ Some nice photos here. Even
some eucalyptus trees showing beside
Mt. Buller. Well done, Merle.

Marti said...

Those are lovely pictures. You have a beautiful country!

Thanks for sharing!

Jim said...

Thanks for the nice pictures. I hadn' realized what the scenery would look like over there. I knew it varies, but I wasn't expecting this.

Meow said...

Hi Peter, love the photos of the high country ... that is all so dear to my heart ... I love it up there.
I haven't been here to visit for awhile, apologies for that. I love your photos.
I tried accessing your main blog just now, and it is blank ... hope all is OK, and it's just a blogger glitch.
Take care, Meow