04 July 2006

Houses on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria.

More pictures that blogger has managed to get out of order but
I have finally figured out how to get them back how I want
, I think!

These two houses have been built to take in the spectacular
views over the Southern Ocean, one of them, (I don't know which)
was built for the Australian opera singer Joan Hammond.
Both are located on "problem" blocks of land which demanded
radical building designs.

This beautiful old hotel is located at Yarra Glen which sits in the
Yarra Valley, a rich wine growing area near Melbourne Vic.
The Yarra river is the much maligned river that flows through
Melbourne and is scornfully referred to as the only river in the
world that flows upside down, (mud on the top!!!) not true it is
a beautiful river and offers some outstanding scenery.

My "Speak no evil, See no evil, and Hear no evil" Frogs

This is the dam on the property I co-owned just out of Gympie
for several years, it was home to hundreds of frogs but we had
trouble getting rid of the Cane Toads that also wanted to call it
home, (and eat the frogs!!) but we finally managed to evict them.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Great pictures of houses, Yarra Glen Hotel etc. Nice photo of the
dam at Deans Road. I hope Margaret
was Ok when you saw her. Cheers, Merle.

Jeanette said...

HI Peter
nice houses they have a great view .But not for me ,I hate heights Nice dam .glad you were able to evict Cane Toads ..
Take Care,Jan

Karen said...

Yikes, I can't say I'd like to visit those houses let alone live in them. One shake of an earthquake and it could be toast.

Great photos though!

Jon Cox said...

O AWESOME!!!!! Great photos!! :o) I'm loving the frogs & house, VERY COOL! :o)

Anonymous said...
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