10 June 2006

Some Australian Scenes.

More pics from Australian travels over the years.

This is Marble Bar in WA. it is a bit of a misnomer as the
bar is Jasper not Marble.

This is the hottest town in Australia with a record of 161
consecutive days over 100 degrees F, and a hottest day
of 127 degrees F.

This is the dry bed of the Gasgoyne River, the river only
flows after heavy rain, but still manages to sustain a very
good agricultural area, this comes about because there is
a huge underground river flowing some 20/30 feet below
the river bed

The Devils Arch was a natural bridge to Port Arthur penal
settlement back in our "Convict Days" being so narrow it
was easily guarded to stop the convicts from escaping.

The Blue Lake at Mt. Gambier in SA. is in the centre of an
old Volcano
, at certain times of the year the water turns a
brilliant blue, while it always has a blue colour when these

flushes of colour come it is quite impressive.

This bar across the Daley River in the NT. is a natural
but has been enhanced with concrete to allow easy
access, there is normally only about 12/15 inches
of water
over it in the dry season.

A favoured "Barramundi" fishing spot at night, it is not
unusual to see up to a dozen fishermen lined up on the
with spotlights and spears, as the fish swim upstream
over the ford they become fairly easy prey to those
who can
thrust their spears accurately in the water.

There is a further downside to this, the Daley River is
to saltwater crocodiles, there has been no recorded
or attacks at this spot, but it does cause a certain
feeling of
danger when you are in the water.


Merle said...

Hi Peter, Some good photos and info
in this and the last post. I presume you took all these pics. Cheers, Merle.

Ava said...

Great pictures!!!


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