14 June 2006

Queensland Pics.

Some photos from North Queensland taken on a 2003 trip.

This is Carmila Esturary, it depicts the mud flats that are
home to mangroves, quite a contrast to the beautiful
sandy beaches of the travel brochure.

The Hay Point Coal Terminal is one of the worlds largest
coal terminals, it was built to ship coal from the central
Queensland coal fields.

These are known as "Blackboys" and while this name is
no longer politically correct it is harmless and still in use
Blackboys are an extremely slow growing plant, only
growing 1 foot in 10 years, so these specimens are quite

The view from the overhead footbridge at the Kuranda
Station, based near Cairns, the Kuranda Rail trip is one
of Queenslands premier tourist destinations.

The lovely Clifton Beach near Cairns has a net enclosure
erected each summer to protect bathers from the stings
of marine stingers, these are not fatal but can be
extremely painful.


Karen said...

Gorgeous, Peter. The blues are incredible.

Ava said...

Great pictures! Thanks again for sharing them.