08 June 2006

Australia All Over.

A pictorial visit to four of our States and one Territory.

This is the Nerada tea plantation in far north Queensland,
the tea bushes, which are a member of the Camelia family,
are grown in rows like hedges, a mechanical harvester
travels up each row clipping the choice outer leaves which
are dried, processed and packaged on the plantation.

Part of the famous coastal scenery on Victoria's Great
Ocean Road, one of the prettiest drives in Australia.

A beautiful convict built bridge in Ross Tasmania

Wave rock is in the middle of nowhere West Australia,
the wave formation carved by wind and water over
millions of years is spectacular.

Clearly visible on the top of the formation is a stone wall
which the early settlers built to divert water into a
storage dam for the nearby town of Hyden, you could
look on this as desecration but it must be remembered
Australia is one of the driest continents on earth!

A sad tale of Australia's Northern Territory, these
of four half gallon glass flagons of wine
became road
markers to the local Aboriginal
settlements, spaced about
five miles apart there
would be a flagon and with each
fourth flagon a
carton to clearly mark the track taken.

Eventually the sale of glass flagons was banned
in the NT,
not because of the litter problem but
because when drunk
the Aboriginals started to use
them as clubs, (weapons) so
the sale of bulk wine
was restricted to cardboard casks.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Did you do something? It
opened anyway. Nothing I did last night
worked. I think you have posted these
before. You didn't mention your niece's dairy farm backs on to the Great Ocean Rd.
BTW Kathy and Ard have bought a Mercedes 270 Diesel 4WD recently. They
kept the Nissan Patrol to tow Horse Float and for fishing trips. Joh is
nearly 17 too. Take care, Merle.

JunieRose2005 said...

Fantastic pictures of your country, Peter!


Ava said...

I really like the tea bushes. I've only seen them on tv commercials. The coastal picture is fabulous! Very visually stimulating bridge.



Anonymous said...
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