03 June 2006

The Flora at Noosa Resort.

Nature truly is wonderful, even in winter time there are
trees and plants that look beautiful.

It wouldn't be Queensland without Palm Trees there are
dozens of different types, and the certainty is you won't
go far without coming across a few.

I always love "Bird of Paradise" flowers, and the glossy
green of their leaves too.

Down to the tiny Hoya which although small made a
brilliant display.

With leaves this colourful there is no real need for
flowers to get a good display, I got these shots in a
five minute stroll around the gardens of the resort
we stayed at while in Noosa, Queensland.


Karen said...

Beautiful colors of the flowers. I've always loved the Bird of Paradise, although I've never seen an entire plant. The Hoyas are pretty as well. The leaves of the bottom plant are brilliant, you're right, no need for flowers. Thanks for sharing those!

JunieRose2005 said...


This looks so much like South, Florida! I had some of that plant in your bottom photo. I can't remember the name...
My favorite of So. Florida was the Royal Poinciana tree...a tree which blooms in June or July with brilliant orange-red flowers!

You've made me want to post a picture of it- so I'll see if I can find some!

Of course I have some!!! :)
Lol- my days here on earth are well documented, you know!


Anonymous said...
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