19 May 2006

Still More Bits and Pieces.

No theme again, just pics for fun.

In a shop at Montville Qld. there was this cap, complete
with false hair, that I just had to try on..... Hmmm... not
the right tartan... sorry.

Remember the Pet Rock craze of a few years back I found
this horrendous place where they were being farmed
under terrible conditions, the RSPCA are investigating as
we speak, (so to speak.)

There seems to be a trend to me having things on my head
in this series, these are wild Parrots at the campground at
Wilsons Promitory Vic.

The Prom as it is affectionally known is one of the
spots for Victorians to holiday during Summer,
it's the most
Southerly point of the mainland, and a
beautiful place.

The Gulflander, this is one of our most historic trains it
in the area below The Gulf Of Carpentaria in far
North Qld.

The "engine" for this train is based on a modified Albion
truck chassis, the driver sits in the cabin with the
and actually has to change gears in the old
girl, just as the
factory intended, a true "outback"

A view of Brisbane city, across the Brisbane River from
the site of the 1988 World Expo.

Brisbane is the capital city of Qld. and , as cities go, is a
very nice place, I love to visit
Brisbane, (and most other
Australian cities too) but I choose not to live there,
I guess I'm just a country boy at heart.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ God pics here. It seems like forever since the Brisbane World Expo. I was amused while there that an
overseas visitir asked me what sort of bird we saw. I said "mudlark" because
that's what we Vics call them. A clever
Queenslander said that they call them
"piwis" up there. Cheers, Merle.

Ava said...

Oh my gosh! A hat that comes with false hair. I'm afraid I'd have to get me one of those!!!!!

Great rock wall. I just saw a wall like that somewhere just outside of Quincy, but I don't remember where it was. I remember it because it was unusual to see one like that around here.

By the way ... I still have a pet rock!!

Wild parrots. I've never had the opportunity to meet any wild ones.

Great pics!


Anonymous said...
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Crazedmomof4 said...

Is that you with the birds on your head??? ... What a looker you are.;) Checking out your photo blog & I like all your pics.:D