21 May 2006

Tanderra, Maryborough Victoria

Some pictures of our farm "Tanderra" at Maryborough.
Tanderra is an aboriginal word for place of rest.. Ha Ha.

Mid-Winter, with a white frost on the ground and very
well by our standards anyway.

You can see the hayshed, full of baled hay in the
and just in front of that our main water
tank, 150,000 gallons
capacity, on the left the
machinery shed/workshop is nearly
finished, but I
have not built the 3 car garage yet, it
will replace
the old ramshackle one on the right.

That's me, minus a lot of poundage, engaged in one of the
most backbreaking things I ever tried, Shearing.

A "Golden Wattle" on the property, this tree had the most
blossom on it I have ever seen on a wattle tree.

Carting hay, for winter stock feed, always a chore at the
start of the hot weather, but it was a nice feeling knowing
we would not have to buy in fodder the next year.

Yet again blogger has managed to mix up the photos, this
one shows me mowing a crop of oats to bale for hay, so it
was meant to go before the hay carting one..... oh well.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Memories. I like the top
photo best as I have said before.
Also the wattle tree is lovely. The
others are OK too. Cheers, Merle/

Meow said...

What an amazing wattle tree. The farm looks wonderful ... do you still have it ???
Great photos.
Take care, Meow

JunieRose2005 said...

Loved viewing your photos , as always!


Ava said...

What a great name for the farm!!!

That hayshed is packed!!!!

I've never sheared a sheep but I have a friend who raises sheep. They have a family farm and everyone pitches in to help with the shearing.

That's my first Golden Wattle. It's beautiful.

Hauling hay ... brings back memories!!! Some pleasant ... some not.

Great post!


jel said...

Howdy Peter,

very cool pictures,

I hear you got a birthday coming up

so I want to wish you a happy birthday!

Anonymous said...
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