19 May 2006

A Bit Of Nostalgia.

Rumaging through old photo files, you never know
what you'll find do you.

This is the Holt kids aged about 3, 5, 7, 9. I'm sure
or Jacqui will correct me if they feel this
isn't right.

This is Streaky, the family cat for nearly 14 years, a
hunter extraordinaire, he would be proudly
displaying his catch
from the previous night each
morning on the front veranda, as this was usually
a rabbit it wasn't too bad, but he also had a habit
of bringing home a snake as a trophy, not so

This is the photo that started my search today, Merle
reminded me of it when I posted a pic of one of Mums
Dahalia's recently.
The photo is of Mum, Pearl & Annie, two of her sisters,
in her front garden among her beloved flowers, she
could grow anything!!

Myself and a cousin about to head for town in our one
horse powered vehicle, about 1950

My Dad milking the house cow at Dixons Creek, this was
taken waaaaay back, I would guess in the early 1940s??


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ I like this post ~ a few old photos that bring back some memories.
How about posting how Danny and you
baled out and the horse beat you home.
The photo is misleading ~ You look like
you knew what you were doing !!
Take care, Merle.

Ava said...

My, my my! What a great group of good looking kids!!!!

And Streaky! How marvelous!!

The picture of your dear ones standing amidst the flowers is a keeper! How fun to look through the photos and see what you find.

Look at you in that buggy. Too bad Merle told on you!!!! Sounds like a story I'd like to hear!!!! (wink wink)

And your Dad milking the cow. Believe it or not, I've milked cows before!! There's nothing like fresh milk ... and cream.

Mmmm ....

Thanks for sharing.

And ... where's that horse story??


JunieRose said...

I LOVE seeing the old pictures!

And what fine looking kids you had!!

Your Mum looks very proud of her garden flowers as she should be!


Marcus said...

Hate to let you down Pop so will suggest that the ages were probably 1-2 years advanced. It's the front yard at Aberdeen St in Geelong. We moved there when I was 5, so I reckon this picture is when I'm about 7 or 8.

Anonymous said...
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Crazedmomof4 said...

A nice family you have!

I'd like to hear the horse story too!:D