05 May 2006

Queensland Pubs

A selection of Queensland Pubs, (Hotels, Bars?) that have caught my fancy.

This is The Exchange Hotel at Cohen, a small town located on the road to
Cape York Peninsular, which is the pointy bit at the top of Queensland.
Please click to enlarge so that you can read the red sign on the roof.
There are comedians everywhere, this is typical Aussie humor.

The Heritage is one of many fine old hotels to be found in Rockhampton,
a bustling city just of the coast in central Queensland.

Rockhampton is the beef capital of Australia, it sits in the centre of some of
the best beef raising country there is anywhere, not so suitable for the
British breeds, but ideal for Australian breeds like Brahman and Murray Grey.

The Three Rivers Hotel is located in the Central Queensland mining area,
It was made famous by two of my favourite people, a song writer named
Stan Coster, and a country singer named Slim Dusty.

These are the two fellas on the banner behind me as I salute them with a coldie.

Another one of Rockhampton's fine old Pubs, The Criterion, this great old
building is on Quay Street, which faces onto the Fitzroy River, it was the
wharf area for the "port" of Rockhampton which even though situated some
50 miles inland, was indeed a very busy port during the early 1900s.

The Lions Den Hotel boasts that it has the longest standing license in the
state, I don't know whether this is true or not, (you don't ask certain type
questions in far north Queensland, it's still frontier territory) one thing sure
is that it's a very old Pub with o lot of history and atmosphere.

I'm under 6 feet tall but still had to duck at the doorway, the old earthern
floor has been paved with old red bricks, probably 40 years ago, it's dimly
lit, and that's praising it, but is friendly and a great place to quench your
thirst, which can be quite large in the hot humid climate.


Meow said...

Wow, Peter ... I love the pubs. We were at the Lions Den Hotel just last August ... it looks very different when we were there. Much more overgrown, and they have a big lion at the front gate. When was your photo taken ??? They put on a great lunch, and it is such a fascinating place. Thanks for sharing.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...
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