02 May 2006

More Family Photos.

Found a few more that hadn't been posted

This is Cody, Bruce and Jane's youngest son.

Sophie and Paul, Marcus and Carolyn's only daughter and youngest son.

Great Grandpa and Phoenix, Matthew and Rhianna's son, Mathew is Vicki
and Rex's oldest son.

Julie and I with Alan and Lyn's oldest daughter Jenna when she was
brand new.

Adam, Bruce and Jane's oldest son.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ You have been busy. The photos are all great. We have such good looking kids and grandkids and even
great-grandkids !! I take it no word
from Matthew and Rhianna?
Adam is a nice looking boy.
Cheers, Merle.

Karen said...

Great photos, I enjoyed seeing your family. How cool that you're a great-grandpa.

I loved the old photos mixed in too, there's something about black and white that has drawn me in. Timeless, perhaps.

Ava said...

Hi! Thought I would stop by! Great pictures! I looked at them all and will be back again.


Anonymous said...
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