02 May 2006

Family Photos.

This batch goes pretty close to rounding up all the family I think.

Me on my wedding day, (first) with Mum and Dad behind me' I don't know
who's idea the set up was, but I quite like it.

Mum, taken about 1955, I'll have to get some more recent ones from
Merle, I thought I had some, but can't find them.
Mum died in 1977.

Julie, my second wife, still a lovely lady, this photo is from about 1985.

My Dad and I, taken about 2001, (about 12 months before he died.

This is Jacqui, my first wife and the mother of our four kids.
Taken 2006.

I'm using the "large" setting to post these photos, so I can't sort them
into the order I want them in, sorry, I select them in order but blogger
seems to shuffle them somehow.


JunieRose2005 said...


I am enjoying your photos very much!

Thanks for letting us get to know your family!


Craig 'n' Jen said...

hey, i had to look twice. that one of you on your wedding day, looks just like uncle marcus!