01 May 2006


Some more family photos, grand-children this time.

Seven of the eleven gandkids here, missing one from Perth and
three from SA.

Back row, L to R, Zacharia, Adam, Sophie.
Middle row, L to R, Aimee, Jordan.
Front row, L to R, Paul, Grandpa, Cody.
Zacharia, Sophie, Jordan, and Paul, are Marcus and Carolyn's kids.
Adam and Cody, are Bruce and Jane's kids.
Jenna, (not in photo) and Aimee, are Alan and Lyn's kids.

Alan and Lyn's oldest daughter, Jenna with Craig, these two are to Marry
next year.

Aimee, Alan and Lyn's youngest daughter is the "dancer" I have spoken of,
a very talented and graceful young lady.

Sophie, Paul, Jordan, and Zacharia, Marcus and Carolyn's kids.


JunieRose2005 said...

Beautiful grandkids, Peter!

I can tell you're a proud grandpa, too! :)


Jamie Dawn said...

I love all your family pics.
I especially love the one where you are holding baby Phoenix. What a joy!!
You are blessed with a wonderful family!!

bornfool said...

Beautiful family you got there, my friend.