01 May 2006

The Mary Valley Rattler.

A day out, riding the Rattler from Gympie to Imbil April 30th 2006.

Rounding a bend, looking to the rear of the train, the surrounding country
is showing the effects of a dry spell, but is still pretty.

Our first stop at the craft market at Kandanga, there were 320 passengers on
the train this trip, maximum load is 450, (they just add more carriages.)

Engine on the turntable, ready to be turned around, the turntable is
powered by compressed air, supplied by the engine, this compressed air is
also used to operate the trains brakes.

Facing the other way, and ready to be reconnected to the carriages for the
return trip.

Don't ask how this photo got out of sequence, I don't have a clue.

Here the engine is about half way through its turning process.


Karen said...

That is cool! I wonder why more don't use that technology, it would make more sense than what they do now.

Marti said...

I love trains! My father worked for a railroad, and we got to ride for free. How neat - thank you for sharing!

Happy May Day - I finally got you added to my blogroll!

Anonymous said...
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