09 May 2006

Bryant's Plain 4

To finish of this series of Fosters Farm Photos a few random shots.

Relative size is important to get perspective, Rex is 6'3" tall, just not
quite as tall as the 8 tyres on this tractor.

I chose a rear view instead of the more normal front view, as it
seemed to show the huge size of the 9250 (model number)

This one shows the house much clearer than the long shot.

Daniel's wife Jana, about to start her shift on the chaser bin, Jana had never
really been close to a tractor 6 months before this, she became an important
team member during the harvest, note the cooler bag with her water bottles
and her "smoko" snack food, the work shifts vary from 6 to 12 hours at this
time, dependant on what job you have and prevailing conditions.

Getting the wool clip away, a good load there to make up for the
frustrations that sheep can cause during the year.


Karen said...

It's good to see a working farm, most are gone.

JunieRose2005 said...

Oh, my!
Quite an operation they have going there at Foster's Farm!!

I'm impressed!


thebeloved said...

Very entertaining blog! I enjoyed the pictures!

Anonymous said...
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