07 May 2006

Bryants Plain 3

Farming at Wudinna SA is a full time job for the Foster clan.

Because their farmland is on very sandy soil, complete with
sand dunes, and there is quite a lot of limestone scattered
through it, they use stone rollers to break up the rocks.

These huge ribbed rollers weigh in at 25 tons each and
crush the limestone quite effectively.

Vicki has her arms full with Timmy and Tammy, do other
countries have Tim Tam chocolate biscuits? that's where
these two Maltese Terriers got their names.

They are standing in a crop of Canola, while wheat is by
far their main crop they also grow Canola, Barley, and
Peas, as well as running sheep.

Matthew is the oldest of their kids, he is shown here
indicating the height of a previous Canola crop.

The view from the house is over these paddocks briefly
green, but normally dry, whether in crop or standing


JunieRose2005 said...

Your photos of Foster's Farm are SO interesting!
I'm glad you're putting them on!


Anonymous said...
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