10 May 2006

From here and there.

No theme again here just some pretty Pictures.

Lake Lonsdale, near Aarat in Victoria, over the years this lake
has given us some very nice catches of Redfin, Brown Trout
and Yabbies, as well as some great camping times.

I have had the pleasure of staying at this great old
Queensland Pub a couple of times, it's in Cairns, north
Queensland, just on the edge of town.

I met up with this fellow at the Eucla Service Station
Roadhouse on one of my trips to Perth, he had been
roaming the highways and byways for ten years in his
one horsepowered wagon.

He had living simply down to an art form, with his horse
and dog for company he was a happy man, they carried
enough food for the three of them
for about a week and
then they would restock at the next town or sometimes
the next farm/station.

Carrying enough water for them all during summer was
his biggest problem, but they managed.

Pretty as a picture, Gympie's parks in spring time are
lovely, there are Jacaranda trees everywhere and the
purple carpet underneath them is beautiful.

Built especially for the movie "The Man From Snowy River"
This is "Craigs Hut" it sits upon a majestic mountain with a
view that goes forever across the "Great Dividing Range"
that is the Victorian snowfields in winter.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Wow. You sure have a varied lot here, but all good.
Thanks for sharing them. The one near
Ararat is a nice photo. Cheers, Merle.

Anonymous said...
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