07 May 2006

Bryants Plain 2.

This photo is almost 30 years old, things have certainly changed around
Bryants Plain in that time.

This was the Massey Header that Fosters Farm used back in the day, this
shot is almost historical now.

Note the FULL air conditioning, if you look closely you will see over Vicki's
shoulder a collapsed sun umbrella, when opened up this offered a small
degree of shade for the operator.

At this time Rex suffered badly from asthma, after a couple of weeks out
amongst the dust and debris he would be a cot case.

This is the modern day equivilant, fully air conditioned header and tractor
transfering grain, "on the move" into a chaser bin.

The "comb" at the front of the header is about 3 times the width of the old
Massey, and the controls inside would rival a 747s cockpit.

This is the air seeder of today about 50 feet wide and capable of precision
delivery of both seed and super through its 100 odd tynes.

Bulk grain storage has become necessary now, as the grain is removed
quicker than it can be delivered into the local silos, so while there are
deliveries at all possible times the residue is stored here until it can be
delivered to the silos.

In earlier times this was the seed and super unit to plant the crop, again less
than one third of the width of the new unit.

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