09 April 2007

Westward Ho!!!

This is a picture of the intrepid travelers before their journey
westward across the vast mysterious continent.

Most of the pictures will look better if you click/enlarge them.

Marcus and Peter at Stacey and Jake's wedding.

Our first encounter with the wildlife of Australia.
This tiger snake was in the driveway of grandson Daniels farm at
Wudinna, it was already dead and starting to swell in the heat,
which accounts for the explosion when I ran over him, under
normal circumstances he would have just wriggled away a
little annoyed at being disturbed.

A midnight fuel top-up, this enabled us to keep traveling through the

I am using poetic license here as it was pitch black when Marcus and I
passed this icon I took this photo on the return journey, travelers on
the Eyre Highway have been adding bits and pieces to this "Bottle
Tree" for years now.

This sign in the window of the Madura Service station is strong
evidence that Australia is a dry continent, I think they would
probably give a parched traveler a drink?? but don't under any
circumstances ask can you wash your car!!!

Still at Madura, the first town (small) west is Norseman 529 klms
away, while to the east it's Ceduna 676 klms away the other 9
places marked consist of very lonely Service Stations a few with
very basic accommodation facilities.
The sign also shows the distance between Adelaide and Perth to
be 2705 Klms and believe me the route we took does not include
many populated areas, but we enjoyed the chance to bond.

At Norseman they have a tribute to the camel trains that serviced
the huge goldfields at Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie to the north
during the very early 1900s.

Leaving Norseman we entered the loneliest stretch of the trip
300 klms without a sign of habitation.

As we approached Hyden this sign caught our eye so Macus
searched around until he found it... you can just make it out
between his thumb and fore-finger.

Ever the adventurer Marcus surfed Wave Rock which is also
just outside Hyden.

A couple of examples of Australian ingenuity and humour, the
first depicts an early example of a motor-home (RV)

And this one shows a fine example of "Shed Art/Humour" these
sort of things are to be found everywhere in the outback, they
are usually made of scrap metal and provide valuable welding
experience to farmers who must do their own repairs on
machinery that is becoming ever more complex.
"I Salute Them"

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