19 April 2006

Definitley Not A Cute Animal.

This is George, an inmate at Steve Irwins Australian Zoo, he is about
16 feet long, and probably won't grow much bigger now.

Steve can have them all to himself as far as I'm concerned, few animals
are better equipped for killing than the Crocodile.


Sudiegirl said...

I hope someday this zoo will have a "feed Steve Irwin to the Crocodiles day".

Sorry...but if I hear "Crikey!" one more time, I'm gonna hurt someone.


Sudiegirl said...

PS: the pics are quite good, though...

Meow said...

I really enjoyed Australia Zoo. The day we went, Steve and family were not in residence ... shame, really, as I think he is kinda cool (if you ignore the "Crikey" !!). He has a genuine concern for the Aussie wildlife and environment, and I give him huge credit for all the stuff he does in that regard.
Anyway, aren't the crocs amazing !!

The Heir said...

Crikey Mate!! sorry :) couldn't resist!
I took a picture of my mate diving into the launceston gorge off a four meter cliff and in the bottom corner there are some kids wrestling each other on a log in the water, anyway, i did a talk to some english kids about how life is an adventure and we should get out there and not sit at home on computers surfing the net and blogging constantly... o wait, wrong audience... anyway! The point was I told the kids that the kids in the photo were some aussie kids who had decided to wrestle a croc in the gorge, and they bought it hook, line and sinker! It was beautiful, even the leaders were asking me about it after! Will post the picture on my blog.

Anonymous said...
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Crazedmomof4 said...

Nice pics, I like Steve even though he can seem a bit too much at times through the old tv box.

Sounds like your Grandson likes to have fun with us Americans. I know my kids would have fell for that, there was a time I would have too! But there is a saying, Believe nothing you hear & only half of what you see. :D