19 April 2006

Bits and Pieces from Here and There.

Just some bits that caught my eye, no theme this time.

This is the cliff face that retards the erosion of the Southern Ocean along
"The Great Australian Bight" in SA.

These sheer cliffs run for about 100 miles along the coast in a giant arc which
is almost like something has taken a huge bite from the land

"Boys and there toys" could be a good title for this shot, I was photographing
the train, and suddenly the driver got out and offered to take my photo with
the train, how could I resist that.

I travelled from Gympie to Cairns by the new "Tilt Train" just for the
experience, a distance of about 1,100 miles, this train rides on a new design
under-carriage that allows the body to lean over on corners, thus Tilt Train,
a very comfortable ride indeed, also very quiet.

This is the "bird" I have breakfast with, a really friendly little "Mudlark"
It does have two legs, just seems to like standing like this.

This is the famed Cable Beach at Broome WA. hard packed white sand and
the bluest water you could imagine, framed by a lighter blue sky, makes a
very pretty picture.

It's also a popular nudist beach, which makes for another pretty picture...

This one is included for my "Bikie" buddies June and Charles.

They were very realistic looking Hogs made from scrap metal, nuts, bolts, wire
and washers mainly, That must be you June on the second bike as I can't see
any other pillion riders.

I didn't buy one and have been kicking myself ever since as I've not seen them
again anywhere.


JunieRose2005 said...


Yep- that skinny lady is me!!! hahaha!

Neat looking bikes!!


Marti said...

Hi Peter!

Thank you for linking to me!

I love the photo of Cable Beach (with or without the nudists LOL)

Very nic pic of the Mudlark as well!

Actually they are all great pictures - LOL!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Meow said...

Great photos ... you have done some amazing travelling. We plan on going up the Centre, across to WA, up to northern WA, across to Darwin, and then wherever !!! Soon (maybe the year after next). We've been to the Centre, but no further, and never to WA. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...
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