07 January 2007

Gympie Queenslanders

These houses are among my favourites in Gympie, all are
traditional Queenslanders.

The roof line and timber in this house make it a natural winner.

Showing a bit of the detail that makes Queenslanders so distinctive

There is a superstition that the front steps should never lead straight
from the front door to the street or all your good luck or karma can
run away.

I think perhaps my favourite for many reasons not the least of which
is the magnificent view over the Mary River.

This style of stairway halts the flow of good luck quite effectively.

This is a very large house as can be seen when I included some of the
rear section as seen from the side.

Another lovely house with a spectacular view over the Mary River.

As with most things there is a down side to Queenslanders, they are
traditionally constructed almost entirely of timber, even down to the
interior walls and ceilings, in our semi tropical climate this means a lot
of painting and other maintenance, there is also the concern about
fire, once alight there is no putting out a fire in several tons of dry
well seasoned timber.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Some really great houses here, and also the buildings in te previous post. All very nice.Merle.

Sonia said...

What a beautiful thread of houses, Peter! Love all them!

RUTH said...

You have some lovely photos. What wonderful houses!

Carmi said...

Such beautiful homes. Such beautiful pictures. You have quite the gift of seeing the world around you.

Zinnia said...

Wow, those are some really lovely homes.