05 December 2006

Bark Pictures

These bark pictures were done by a friend using tiny strands of the
fibrous bark of Melalueca (Paper Bark) tree which are glued in place
having been selected for colour and texture, for a three dimensional
effect there may be 25 to 30 layers of bark strands in some places.

This is a portrait of a popular country music singer, Tania Kernaghan

A little close up of Tania's portrait showing some of the detail
that goes into these works.

An insert from one of Tania's CDs to show the likeness.

A rural scene created with bark.

A portrait of the late Slim Dusty, a legend in Australian Country Music

An insert from one of Slim's CD's again to illustrate the likeness.
The statue behind Slim is of my favourite poet A.B.(Banjo) Paterson
Banjo wrote "The Man From Snowy River" and "Waltzing Matilda"
among his best known works.

1 comment:

Doug Bagley said...

May he rest in piece. I'm not familiar with his music but the word Legend makes me think he was well respected and liked.
Merry Christmas!