09 October 2006

Time for another look around Australia.

These are random picks from my pictures files.

Blue Lake, Mt. Gambier SA, so named because it is always a brilliant
blue colour, at certain times of the year much bluer than shown here.
It is located in an old volcano and is very deep and cold (and blue.)

This is Endeavour Bay taken from Cooktown, Qld. this is the last
outpost before you head off into the unknown on your trip to Cape York.
The trip to the Cape is still regarded as an adventure, and as we become
more a civilization that lives in Cities the adventure becomes more real
even though the road conditions and available services keep improving.

The Valley of the Giants is located near Walpole, WA. it is home to
some of the biggest trees in Australia, the Karri and Tingle trees
found here are in fact some of the worlds largest trees.
There is an elevated walk that takes you some 150 feet up so you
are up there in the tree-tops.

This is Jim Jim Billabong located in Kakadu National Park, NT.
Kakadu is an enormous Park and sits on a huge flood plain
East of Darwin, one boundary is the NT. escarpment which
is a sandstone escarpment up to 100 feet high which runs
for about 600 kms near the northern coastline of Australia.
In the foreground is a water buffalo wallow from the wet
season when this whole area is inundated with water.

I found this figure of eight pool along the coastin the Royal National
Park, NSW. filled with clear water that made estimating the depth
difficult I was surprised to find that it was about 10 feet deep.


Doug Bagley said...

fantastic pictures. I've always wanted to visit your neck of the woods.

UKBob said...

Hello Peter, I like that tree top walk way, I would love to go on that.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I love looking at your pictures Peter...they are very interesting to an American like me. Gives me a little glimpse of your part of the world.