30 October 2006

Australia Zoo

Let's go for a wander around Australia Zoo

No matter where you go you are never very far from Steve's influence.

We will have to start our tour with one of his favourites a Crocodile.

Before Australia Zoo came into being it was a reptile park, this is our
common Goanna, grows to a little over 4 feet long.

A Tiger Snake, one of our most venomous and can be agressive
during breeding season.

These fun and water loving Tiger cubs were about six months old.

It was hard to tell who had the most fun in the pool, the cubs or the

Nine months later they are nearly full grown, because they are such a
savage beast they are now kept behind a glass wall, so pardon the

If you read my recent series in holtieshouse you will want to know that
this is the very dangerous Wombat, be very careful not to put your
hand down his burrow.

Another of Steves great loves was with these Elephants.

You wouldn't want to visit the Zoo and not see any birds now
would you? There is an Eagle in this picture too.

Our laughing Kookaburra, featured at the beginning soundtrack
of every Tarzan movie ever made.

A Jabaru, Australia's only member of the stork family.

A pair of Echidna's, an egg laying marsupial also known as the
spiney ant-eater.

One half hidden Koala, (not a bear) they live on the leaves of a
select few eucalyts, (gum tree's.)

One half of our coat of arms, the other half is an Emu.

A rare albino joey, (young Kangaroo or Wallaby) about one third
of mums size but still hitches a ride in her pouch at times.

Hope you enjoyed that quick look around, I'll bet you didn't see any
rubbish lying around , or for that matter anything that was out of
place or untidy, the whole place is kept in immaculate condition.


Margaret said...

Thanks for the great trip around Australia Zoo.

Merle said...

Hi Peter ~ I also enjoyed the trip around Australia Zoo. Don't they have
an emu? the other half of our coat of arms. I like the kookaburra with the blue wings. Take care, Merle.

LittleJen said...

looks like a very nice place to visit, hopefully one day will get there.. great photos

Lora_3 said...

I love the pictures. I want to sleep with the tigers like that.

Be safe...

Smurf said...

Did you take all of those pictures? Those are AWESOME!!!

RUTH said...

Fantastic photos. Looks like a great place. Best wishes from England.

Jim said...

Thanks for that nice zoo tour. I learned a lot about Australian animals.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Enjoyed the pictures of the zoo and I had NEVER seen a wombat before...I had heard of them, but this was my first peak at one. For some reason I thought they flew...hahaha stupid me.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Oh, BTW is that Kookaburra sitting on an old gum tree?

I love the sound they make and we have a woodpecker that sort of makes that sound...but of course not as good as the Kookaburra.