17 September 2006

Some recent pictures.

Some unusual aspects for this group of photos.

I liked the unusual framing of this picture of Rex wandering along the beachfront

Looking Moody and Stormy although the day was quite plesant.

That's about as casual as a frog can get I think.

Playing leap frog in Montville.

Tricks with lighting almost creates a black and white minstral show

My favourite little "Guitar Man" providing the contrasts.


JunieRose2005 said...


I love looking at your pictures!

...Your little guitar man is cool! He inspired me to post my metal 'Mama and baby' Did you see it? It's on my craft blog! She is 7 inches tall-seated! (Your guitar man may be bigger...


Jim said...

Ok Peter, some of my toys are coming soon. Your scenic shots are alway so nice and well composed.

Marti said...

These are wonderful! I like the framing of the tree branches too. And those frogs are just TOO cute! Thanks for sharing!