16 August 2006

A sky with some clouds in it = Beauty

Clouds and Sunsets are among my favourite things to photograph.

A glorious sunset over the water in far north Queensland.

The wind is just starting to play with these unusual clouds.

Just minutes later the patterns are almost gone, but still a
pretty picture.

Fluffy white clouds billowing everywhere.

Once more the wind has joined in the game and re-written the
pattern completly.


Jim said...

That is clever. All from one place, just wait.
I had though of snapping our Texas summer morning sky. It is all blue with not a cloud in sight.

Marcus said...

I don't visit your picture blog very often but dropped by tonight and enjoyed the collection of so many different places and people.
You've covered your family, past and present, what about a series of pics of friends and mates?
The Davies', Grimshaws, Banfields etc etc