25 April 2006

Random Pictures

Some more pictures from here and there, no theme for these.

Another view of the Bungle Bungles located at the top of West Australia.

This one was taken from a helicopter flight that we went on, a marvellous way
to see the sights, the pilot hovered over or alongside many spots for photos.

The beach at Cape Tribulation, far North Queensland.

This is one of the few spots where the rain forrest comes right down to meet
the Pacific Ocean, a truly spectacular sight to see.

Another view from the top of Ayres Rock, in 1979 it had not been handed back
to the aboriginals so the name Uluru was not in common use.

This photo shows why the rock stands out so clearly for miles, just look at the
flat landscape that surrounds it, the walking track that goes around the base
of the rock is almost 10 km (about 6 miles) so it's a big rock.

This shot is of a lovely sunset shot taken at Saysha beach near Bamaga on
Cape York Peninsular in Far North Queensland.

There is a Caravan parked alongside the track up here that is known as "The
Croc Shop" it is clearly marked on all the maps of the "Top End" and may well
be the only Caravan to be shown on a map anywhere.

There is a sign at the Croc Shop that states Cairns is 1080 miles and
1,638,758 corrugations South, The Tip of Australia is 57 miles and
283,009 corrugations North. I DID NOT count them but there are lots.

This is the Fresh Water Crocodile I caught in a crab net while trying to catch
a marron, (Large freshwater Crayfish or Yabbie if you are familiar with that
name) instead we caught this not to friendly Crocodile.

There is a full story about this event at holties house on 21st February 2006,
suffice to say here that he presented some problems when I tried to disengage
him from my net, which I wanted back, please click on the photo as he
becomes much more real as he grows.


Karen said...

Those photos are incredible. I need to spend some time on those beaches. As for the red rocks, I've always been drawn to them. I need to take some time soon and take a drive to Southern Utah.

JunieRose2005 said...

Yikes!! He looks scary - that crocodile!
...am enjoying all your photos!
That beach is beautiful!!


Marti said...

Those are all beautiful!

Thanks for sharing.

I hope you didn't have any damage from that big storm that hit Australia (my geography is horrible, sorry LOL)

Sonia said...

Those photos are really beautiful!
Thanks for sharing your country, gorgeous views and your lovely family!

Anonymous said...
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