23 April 2006

Port Douglas, Far North Queensland.

There is a beaut little town just north of Cairns in north Queensland called
Port Douglas, it's picture postcard pretty, and it seems there is some chance
that my Grand-daughter Stacey could get married in this lovely church.

St Mary's by the Sea is one of the prettiest small churches I have ever seen,
it is located on a pretty little bay, and is only 100 yards from the waters

In spite of this very open position in an area that is no stranger to Cyclones
it has weathered the years without any visible damage.

My Grand-daughter fell in love with Port Douglas and St Mary's when she
worked up here a few years back, and it seems there is a chance that she
will get married here.

The view of the beach at Port Douglas is magnificent, back in the days of my
first visit here there was a row of coconut palms growing along the edge of
the water, always with a ripe coconut to be found under the trees.

Sadly the coconut palms have gone and in their place there are severl tourist
hotels, a luxury golf course/country club and other trappings of the resort
rich area it has become.

It's other major claim to fame was a pie shop that sold the best pies in
Queensland, (at least in the eyes of the locals and the loyal tourists) the pie
shop is still there, and their pies are still excellent.


Merle said...

Hi Peter ~~ Great post, considering the distractions at the time. I love the photo of that church.
Thanks for having John and me and for
feeding us. Love, Merle.

Meow said...

Peter ... there was a wedding happening in that very same church when we were there last year. It all looked so beautiful.
Port Douglas is an amazing place, although it is very touristy and expensive. We stayed at the Glengarry Big 4 Caravan Park, outside town at both ends of our Cape York trip. We had some wonderful meals at the Cactus Bar & Grill. Didn't notice the pie shop, though.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

I was up at Port Douglas in March this year. It's a great place for a visit or a stayover. We drove up from Cairns (about 100 miles) one day and another day we went up on the "Quicksilver" a huge tourist boat then came back to Cairns on a local bus. The drive up takes you along the most scenic route by the sea.

Val said...

Visited there in 1994, wasn't at all impressed with Port Douglas, too much glossy development. We stayed at Newell Beach, just north of Mossman, it still had a bit of funkiness about it then.

I came to Australia in 1974, so glad to have seen it before it became so americanised.

Anonymous said...
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