19 April 2006

Mother Nature, Aussie Style.

Mother Nature really is grand, just a few examples of her diversity.

This little avenue of Jacaranda trees is at my front gate each Spring, makes
being alive a pleasure.

Same GD as before, but Stacey was only 4 years old when this was taken,
a profusion of wild flowers in the Gawler Ranges SA.

Not very far from Fosters Farm.

You make whatever you like from this photo, I see an evil face that would
have been at home in "Lord of the Rings"

It is a Tingle tree, located fittingly, in "The Valley of the Giants" near
Walpole in WA.

The giants refers to the giant Kauri trees that grow there, up to 30 metres
(95 Feet) tall, these are magnificent examples of natures best

I just love this photo, it is the epitome of the Australian bushland.

Taken near Mansfield in Victoria on a recent visit.


Jan said...

Hi Peter
Another site for me to look at. great family photos and love mother nature at its best .looking forward to some of your traveling oz pics .have a nice few days with Merle .take care Jan

Da Gal said...

Okay - the jacaranda trees - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Purple is my favorite color and against the green grass. wow.. It looks like the flowers or buds on the tree are shedding too because the ground below in the street looks purplish. Very Very cool Peter!

Miss Cellania said...

Does that jacaranda tree smell as good as it looks?

Meow said...

More fantastic photos. The jacaranda trees look amazing. I love the "Evil" tree ... I definately see a nasty face in it !!

Anonymous said...
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