18 April 2006

The Holt Kids

These are my four children, they were supposed to be shown in age order but
blogger had other ideas.

Might I suggest that you scroll to the very start and we can clear up the family
photos and then get down to the scenic stuff.

This is the baby of the family, Bruce with his lovely wife Jane

You have met Vicki and Rex before in wedding photos and at Fosters Farm.
Marcus and Carolyn, you have seen Marcus before but not the lovely Carolyn,
Marcus will be known to some of you from "holtpress"

Alan and Lyn make up the full set, they are parents to Jenna and Aimee, who
you can meet at Jenna's blog via my sidebar if you haven't been there yet.

In age order the kids are, Alan, Vicki, Marcus, Bruce. and not a dud among
'em, as my maternal grandma used to say of her family of ten children.


Meow said...

Handsome family you have there, Peter. You should be very proud.

Craig 'n' Jen said...

I see it takes a little longer to get the collection of all 11 or 14 of your grand-children in a similar style post. You might have to consider skipping to the great-granchildren.

Anonymous said...
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